Fee Policy

We feel it is important for you to understand how we determine our fees. We do not believe that the fee should be based on the size of your fund.

At Superfect we can charge by the hour or agree a fixed fee upfront. With a fixed fee you have peace of mind that we don’t time your phone calls or visits with us - We don’t count up how many emails or faxes you send us.

Every SMSF is different because the needs of each of their members are different. Therefore, it is not possible for us to quote a fee without any knowledge about the complexities of the investments in the fund.

Obviously, a fund with mostly cash holdings will take less time to complete than a fund with borrowings or collectables. Likewise, the cost of administering a fund will depend on the number of transactions, the regularity of those transactions and the complexities of the transactions.

You can choose to use a limited number of our services such as completion of financial statements and income tax returns. Alternatively, you can utilise our full range of services.

Please contact us to obtain a no obligation quote.

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