SMSF Accountants Parramatta

SMSF Accountants Parramatta

What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are private superannuation funds, which give you greater control over your financial and investment decisions when it comes to saving for your retirement. 

An SMSF can have between one and four members, or trustees, each of whom are liable for the fund’s investment decisions. Because SMSF trustees must abide by a variety of rules and regulations, and keep a detailed record of the fund’s movements and transactions, it is important to receive accurate, practical advice from fully licensed and qualified professionals. 

At Superfect, our experienced accountants are here to help your fund succeed at every step of the way, from the initial development of an investment strategy, to the ongoing management of finances, to the provision of advice that will maximise your fund’s profitability and, ultimately, the security and comfort of your retirement. 

If you’re considering starting an SMSF in Parramatta, Contact us for a free consultation to find out if an SMSF is the right choice for you.

Benefits of an SMSF

An SMSF is a major undertaking, requiring you to commit no small amount of time, effort and energy to the establishment and ongoing management of your fund. 

However, with this high level of commitment comes high rewards, and a well-run SMSF will reap significant benefits for you and your family in the long term. 

The benefits of an SMSF include: 

*The ability to consolidate superannuation assets – Because an SMSF can have as many as four members, you can bring together the superannuation assets accumulated by multiple people, increasing your fund’s balance and expanding your range of investment options. 

*A wider range of investment options – Under an SMSF, you have far more choices for investment, including property and international investments, than you would have under more typical superannuation funds. 

*More control over your investments – Through an SMSF, you have significantly more awareness and control over how your savings are invested, which means you can ensure that your investment decisions align with your personal and financial objectives. 

*More flexibility – With an SMSF, you and your fellow trustees can alter your fund’s investment mix when and as you desire. 

*Higher potential reward – While the setup and maintenance of an SMSF takes time, effort and money, it can reap substantial rewards in the long term. If run correctly, your SMSF will become more and more profitable for you over time.

SMSF Services Parramatta 

Our SMSF services include: 

SMSF Setup

At Superfect, we can help you:

•Determine whether an SMSF is the right choice for you. 

•Develop an investment strategy for your fund (and proceed to make ongoing investment decisions that align with the goals of your fund’s trustees). 

•Prepare your fund’s trust deed (the legal document that outlines the rules for your specific fund and the obligations agreed upon for each trustee).

•Navigate the necessary interactions with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

•Establish all initial and projected costs, and assist with any other tasks in the SMSF setup process. 

SMSF Accounting, Tax return, and Audit Services 

•We provide financial management and accounting services that will help you maintain the in-depth records required for your SMSF. 

•Our tax services will allow you to reduce your tax payments and increase your savings within your private super fund. 

•We offer ongoing audit advice, and can help you through the mandatory annual audit for your SMSF. 

Why Superfect is the Parramatta SMSF Accountant for you

At Superfect, we have a long history of working effectively and honestly for all our clients. Our SMSF-licensed accountants are experienced in providing top-notch financial management, auditing and investment advice services to clients in Parramatta and the wider Sydney area. 

We strive to help our SMSF clients abide by the complicated law at hand, and make the best possible investment decisions for their private super funds. 

To find out more about how we can help you with your Parramatta SMSF, please Click here.

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