SMSF Accountants Tamworth

SMSF accountants Tamworth


Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are private superannuation funds, which, when operated well and with full regard for all relevant laws and requirements, can be highly lucrative for those who choose to run them. 

SMSFs can have as few as one or as many as four members, aka trustees, each of whom is liable for the fund’s decisions. SMSFs allow you to take control over how your retirement savings are invested, giving you more responsibility for and much more power over the investments you make and how well they suit your financial and personal goals. 

While you are ultimately accountable for the setup and management of your fund, having skilled, experienced professionals in the superannuation business at your service is a surefire way to reduce headaches and increase the profitability of your SMSF. Superfect is a well-established NSW accounting services provider, with a proud history of helping clients through every stage of the ongoing SMSF process. 

If you’re interested in starting an SMSF in or near Tamworth NSW, (Contact us) for a free consultation on whether this could be the right move for you and your future. 

SMSF Services Tamworth 

At Superfect, our SMSF accounting and investment services include:

*SMSF Setup – We can help determine if a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you, and assist you in the development of your own super fund should this be the case. 

*SMSF Trust Deed Establishment – After choosing to create an SMSF, you will need to establish a trust deed. This is a legally binding document that outlines the responsibilities of each fund member/trustee, and records the agreed-upon rules for the super fund. Our SMSF-licensed accountants can help to prepare this document, and assist with any necessary future alterations. 

*SMSF Auditing – One of the many obligations that come with running your own SMSF is the arrangement of a yearly audit. As your SMSF advisers, we can help you with the reporting and management needed to make each audit go as smoothly as it can.

*SMSF Property – If you’re looking to use your SMSF to invest in property, you must ensure that you abide by a variety of rules imposed on SMSF trustees hoping to save for their retirement in this way. Our licensed financial advisers can help to ensure your super fund abides by all the relevant laws and regulations.

*SMSF Investment and Tax Advice – Once you and any fellow SMSF trustees have developed a clear investment strategy, we can provide the financial advice you need to ensure that your investment decisions work in the long-term favour of all trustees, and that you are complying fully with the current tax law, as it relates to SMSFs. 

Buying a farm through SMSFs

SMSFs can be used to purchase investment property, including farmland, as long as this property is still ultimately being used to fund your retirement. 

Your SMSF cannot be used to directly operate a farming or other business, but it is possible to lease your SMSF’s farmland to a separate business entity at fair market value. Property utilised for hobby farming generally does not meet the relevant criteria here, as this is not considered a use of property for business purposes. 

To learn more about the rules concerning the use of an SMSF to purchase farmland in the Tamworth area, please Click here.

Why Superfect is the Tamworth SMSF Accountant for you 

At Superfect, we offer the skills and knowledge it takes to make successful long-term investment decisions while consistently abiding by complex and ever-changing financial and property laws. 

Our SMSF-licensed staff are experienced providers of exceptional financial management, accounting, auditing, tax and investment advice and support services to clients all over the state of New South Wales. 

We strive to work openly, efficiently and constructively with all our clients, ensuring that your super fund will help you achieve the highest possible level of financial security and comfort throughout your retirement. 

For more information about our SMSF or broader accounting work in Tamworth and the wider NSW region, please Click here.

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